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Naturally, we provide full range service in relation to intellectual property rights in Switzerland. In particular, we take care of any national filings for patents, trademarks, designs and plant varieties. Moreover, we attend to the validation of European patents in Switzerland/Liechtenstein and we handle the Swiss parts of international trademark registrations, most notably in connection with refusals of protection and opposition proceedings.

As registered European Patent Attorneys we represent our clients in all matters before the European Patent Office, which includes filing and prosecution of European patent applications, but also the handling of the regional European phase of international patent applications according to the PCT system. We also act in opposition proceedings in order to defend or attack a European patent.

Even in today's information age there are many searching tasks that are better carried out by a local representative, particularly if an analysis of the search results in the light of Swiss Law and Practice is needed. The most frequently requested searches are trademark clearance searches, company name searches and checks of the legal status of an IP right in Switzerland. While a search provides information about the situation at a given moment, monitoring allows one to be alerted about any subsequent status changes. We can arrange for appropriate monitoring of IP-rights, which will generally include a reporting scheme adapted to our client's needs.

An accurate translation of technical and legal terms is extremely important in the context of IP rights. We provide high quality translations from English, French and Italian into German and from German into English; if necessary and appropriate, we revert to a trusted and reliable translation agency.